The team at Country Dental Lab is your dedicated partner. We want to help you achieve high patient satisfaction for every case. We ensure success by offering value-added services. The success of your practice is our top focus. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment for any of the services below.
Our reline and repair services are available with a two-day in-lab turnaround time.

Case Consultation

Our team is happy to provide in-office consultation to help you determine the best game plan for even the most difficult case. Removable cases can frequently take up your team’s time and energy. Country Dental Lab is ready to help streamline your removable cases with our expertise.


Is your patient’s denture no longer fitting correctly? Our team is available to quickly and efficiently reline any removable. Our reline service ensures that your patient’s removable will fit properly. Accurate fit eliminates the risk of slippage and discomfort, so your patient can confidently go through their daily activities.


You can rely on Country Dental Lab the next time your patient’s denture breaks. Our team understands that a broken denture can ruin your patient’s week. We quickly and efficiently repair removable, so your patient is without their denture for as little time as possible.