Country Dental Lab is your resource for high-quality removable restorations. Our technicians are removable experts and utilize the latest processes, materials, and digital dentistry equipment to fabricate a full range of removable products for all of your restorative needs. Our removable options are comfortable and esthetic, ensuring patient satisfaction.


Full Dentures

The full dentures from Country Dental Lab are skillfully crafted in-house using the latest processes, equipment, and materials. We strive with every full denture case to help your patients forget they are wearing a prosthesis so they can live their lives with confidence. Our team ensures that every denture offers perfect fit, comfort, and suction, so your patients never have to worry about slippage. We fabricate these dentures out of high-quality denture acrylic and denture teeth for long-lasting durability and high esthetics.

Acrylic Partials

Acrylic partials are a great option for partially edentulous patients due to their durability, rigidity, and esthetics. Our technicians ensure lifelike esthetics for every acrylic partial case that will seamlessly blend in with your patient’s remaining dentition. These partials offer comparable inflexibility to cast partials but are metal-free for patients who may be sensitive to alloys. Our technicians craft these partials out of high-quality acrylic and denture teeth. Every acrylic partial that we craft in-house at our Alabama-based dental laboratory is quality checked to ensure they meet our standards of high esthetics, fit, and function.

Cast Partials

Our cast partials are skillfully crafted out of the highest quality nickel and beryllium-free metal alloys. We fabricate the partials to be exceptionally thin, which ensures lightweight comfort for your patients. We use the latest CAD/CAM equipment to allow for high strength and adjustability. These cast partials are skillfully designed by our technicians to ensure they offer a highly precise fit.

Flexible Partials

Our flexible partials are crafted out of metal and acrylic-free materials for natural and comfortable solutions. They are great for patients who are sensitive or allergic to metal or acrylic. Using innovative processes and materials, these partials offer advanced retention, comfort, esthetics, and strength. You can also ensure improved patient satisfaction by reducing chairtime and reducing invasive procedures. Our team skillfully crafts these partials so you can be confident when prescribing these partials to your patients. Our flexible partials are available in a variety of colors to seamlessly blend in with your patient’s oral environment.


Country Dental Lab is your resource for high-quality mouthguards. Our mouthguards are available to meet a variety of needs, including protection during sports and bruxism treatment. These mouthguards work by providing a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth to eliminate the chance of damage from teeth grinding or chipping against each other. They also help with other negative repercussions from nighttime bruxism, including jaw pain, headaches, and more.

Hard/Soft Night Guard

Fabricated using the latest in thermoforming technology, our hard/soft night guards offer ideal comfort and fit. They are indicated for severe bruxing and clenching. These night guards feature a durable outer surface and a flexible, custom-made inner layer that rests comfortably against the teeth and gums.

Bleaching Trays

Our team offers bleaching trays that you can easily use in your dental practice for teeth whitening services. These custom-made bleaching trays ensure excellent fit and comfort, which helps patients comply with the treatment. We also fabricate these trays to prevent gingival irritation by limiting the interaction between the tray and your patient’s gums. Whether you apply the trays in-office or send them home with your patient, these trays ensure a safe whitening solution.