Digital Dentistry

At Country Dental Lab, we prioritize success. Throughout our years working in the dental industry, we have seen the importance of digital dentistry. Which is why we are proud to advance alongside the industry with our equipment, processes, materials, and more. Digital dentistry allows us to keep everything in-house and provide highly precise, functional, and esthetic restorations to our dentists. We are proud to say that every restoration is backed by years of insight and experience working with the most innovative technology and materials available. We also accept digital impressions from most major intraoral scanners. Our commitment to digital dentistry ensures you can prescribe any of our dental restorations and be confident that it will look amazing and fit perfectly.


Prefer Traditional Impressions?

That’s totally fine! At Country Dental Lab, we support both digital and analog dentists. You can easily send either type of case to our lab using our send a case process.